Week #3: 52 Weeks to a Healthier and Happier You



Welcome!!    I am spending the next year working my way through 52 Small Changes:One year to a Happier,  Healthier You by Brett Blumenthal.   I am so grateful you have joined me!  I have neglected my health long enough, it is time to really make it my focus for the next year.   I owe it to myself and my family. 

Week #3 – I am focusing on my health and seeing small changes.  I can hardly wait to see where we are at come week 52 –  You with me???


This Week’s Change:  Apart from Exercise, incorporate regular and routine activity into your lifestyle. 

Blumenthal shares that, “according to the World Health Organization, a sedentary lifestyle is a major underlying case of death, disease and disability.  Approximately two million deaths every year are attributed to physical inactivity.”   Yikes….this is preventable, my friends.  Let’s get moving!


My Current Habit:   My lifestyle is very sedentary.   I commute 30 minutes to and from work each day.  Then I sit at a desk for 8 to 9 hours most days.   I struggle a great deal to even fit in exercise with my busy work and home schedule.  I do try to park at the far end of the parking lot at the office to increase my steps.   

Some changes I would like to make is to take the stairs instead of the elevator each day to the 3rd floor.  My work also offers a Yoga class once a week on Thursday.   They are in the middle of a session, but I plan on stopping by tomorrow to see if I can join mid session.  Some mid day moving once a week at work will be very helpful!

Join me in finding ways to add more activity to our lives!


Last Week’s Change:    Get  7 to 8 Hours of Sleep. 

How did you do last week??    I have been working on getting up earlier in the morning,  which has caused me to start going to bed earlier.   Most nights, I did get to 7 hours of sleep, but I still feel like I need 8 as I struggle to get up each morning.

What Worked for me:  I added a notification to my phone that alerted me to get ready for bed.    I have a problem with always wanting to do just one more thing.   This habit makes me leave work later than I should and go to bed later than I should.   The alert helped to get me thinking about wrapping up my activity and head to bed.  I did suffer from at least two nights in which I woke up at 3:00 am and found it difficult to fall back to sleep. 


What worked for you?  Were you able to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night?

Stop by next Wednesday for the next change and to share your progress.  Now, Let’s Get Moving!


Happy Moving!

Previous Changes:

1.   Hydrate with water.

2.   Get 7 – 8 Hours of Sleep