Celebrating Everyday Life: The South Dakota Edition

Tommy and I headed to South Dakota to spend the week with my parents in Aberdeen, SD.   Here are some highlights from our week.  We did a lot of Geocaching….during the day and night.  Word of advice if it looks like the cache is hid in the alley….not a good cache to look for in the middle of the night!  Near a duck pond is a bit dangerous….but the ducks were not suspicious of us at all.  I think our night time adventures were Tommy’s favorite and mine!  If you have never gone Geocaching, you need to check out this very entertaining activity.  We used the Geocaching.com phone app for all our searching!

We were very happy to be able to spend time with my great nephews, Samuel and Gracen.   They also enjoy treasure hunting, as we call it!


The car rides while geocaching were entertaining to say the least!

Our first cache near the cemetery…..and yep, they are going the WRONG way!

Searching and searching……

While geocaching we had the opportunity to check out a lot of parks around Aberdeen.   Geocaching is a great activity to do with energetic little boys.  Many caches are hid near parks, so we had plenty of time to play at each!  We were outside all day running and being loud.  Great Memories…..

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We checked out the Brown County Fair – Tommy even went to his very first Rodeo! 009

Our first time at Cherry Berry…….YUMMY!!!!  I decided that I really like Cherry Berry….and I have to locate the one closest to us in MN.


Random Pictures By Gracen and Samuel

Usually I have Random Pictures from Tommy….this week my great nephews are the photographers!

Most of these pictures are by Gracen (1st grade), he kept telling me he was the photographer.   This is just a small sample of his pictures! 061
My mom is going to love this one!

Yep, we were geocaching near the trailer park on Roosevelt.  Didn’t find this one. But we played at the park!

I thought I was going to get arrested for this picture.  I have to teach Gracen about zoom!   He really, really, really wanted a picture of the dancing flower in this apartment window.  Just like any good, little stalker he took about 5 pictures of these poor people’s window to get the perfect shot of the dancing flower.  I can just see the headlines….weird lady in van with MN plates letting children take random pictures out the van!

A quick shot as we drive by Gracen’s school!

Our Adventures at Storybook Land:


You can’t go to Aberdeen, SD, without spending a day at Storybook Land!!  I thought this would surely tire the boys out….but I think it ended up tiring Grandma and I out more!

Off to see the Wizard….the wonderful Wizard of Oz

Visiting the Farm Animals…….we forgot to ride the tractor!  There will always be next year…..

Lots of photo opportunities with the various Nursery Rhyme Characters!

My favorite part of my trip each year is getting to spend time with my favorite three guys!!  I can’t wait until Mallory is old enough to join the fun! She wasn’t too sure what to think of that goofy Auntie!


Tommy with Gracen and Samuel

The bonus this year was I was able to spend a little time with one of my brothers, Danny.  I really wish I could have spent more time with him.  He is an excellent geocaching partner…..though we need to get some taller friends to go with.  I come from a very short family, not good when trying to reach a cache in a tree!!

My niece Susan, her daughter Mallory and my brother, Danny!

Hope your week is filled with wonderful everyday and vacation moments with family and friends!  Make a point to capture your memories!


Celebrating Everyday Life: August 4th, 2013

Another week filled with everyday blessings.  I love the summer months in Minnesota.  Summer seems to inspire moments when you look around and see what an amazing world we are blessed with.  The colors and sounds of summer!

My biggest blessing this week is that Tommy came home from camp!  We love hearing all about his fun at camp and how his faith was enriched.  Some of my best childhood memories were at bible camp.

Camp Fun: Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp in Story City, Iowa.

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Ranch Camp: Tommy with his horse, Sundae.  He loved his horse.  He learned how to walk and trot.  He also learned to saddle and groom his horse.  He learned how to wade his horse across a river and the put on a final horse show on Friday, showing what they learned. What a wonderful memory this will be for him!


Tommy raved about the food at Riverside and strengthened his relationship with God.

Around White Bear Lake:




Ryan’s first visit to Cup N Cone in downtown White Bear Lake.



Hubby and I spent the day wandering around White Bear Lake.  We love our hometown and it’s everyday charm.  My hubby has lived in White Bear Lake all his life and has wonderful memories of his childhood all around town.

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I spy a “cute boy”…………think I will follow him.


Cute Boy and I love the Gazebo as it brings back memories of our wedding day!


Fun At Como Park: 

Today, hubby and I took our nieces and nephew to Como Park Zoo.  It was a beautiful day and so good to spend the afternoon together.

013   012

Eating Dippin’ Dots………….Ryan wasn’t so sure about the cold dots his mama was feeding him.


My favorite photo of the day!!  Nic, Chelsea, Ryan and Kristen.


Our family: Hubby and I with our youngest son, Tommy.

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       How cute is he?!?!?





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Someone caught me taking her picture……POSE!!

This picture is sure to leave you with a smile on your face….


Nightly game of tug the bib with Great Grandpa! What a blessing!

Hope your week is filled with wonderful everyday moments with family and friends!