Week #6: 52 Weeks to a Healthier and Happier You


Welcome!!    I am spending the next year working my way through 52 Small Changes:One year to a Happier,  Healthier You by Brett Blumenthal.  I am 6 weeks into my journey to become healthier and happier.   I am glad you have joined me and I hope you are seeing positive changes as well.

Life has been throwing us a few curve balls the last few weeks.  We have been dealing with health issues, car accident,  major car repairs on a different vehicle and just the over  all fact of things just not going well.  If it could go wrong it did.  Stressful situations are always when I kick my healthy habits to the curb.   I am determined to keep going and get back on track once again.  Stress will always be in our lives and I just have to find a healthier way to deal with it, instead of eating junk!

This Week’s Change: Take a Multivitamin every day.

Sometimes we eat well, sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes I remember to pack a lunch for work, sometimes I don’t.  In this busy world  sometimes eating healthy is set aside.  You have kids to get to soccer, church or football.   You have no time to make a meal, so a drive through at McDonald’s might be your answer.   I have been there and done that, but now that I menu plan, it is bit better.   Sometimes we don’t get all the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy and function properly or we only get a percentage of them.  Our busy live can make it difficult to get 100%of our recommended intake of vitamins, etc.    Taking a daily vitamin ensures you get the daily recommended daily intake of vitamins.  While this doesn’t give you permission to eat poorly, it just ensures you get what your body needs regardless of your hectic schedule.

My Current Habit:  Currently, I do take a Multivitamin each day.   This has been part of my bedtime routine for many of months.  Blumenthal reminds us “when taking vitamins, look for those that do not exceed the upper limit (UL) or the daily recommended intakes(DRI) of vitamins or minerals, as too much of a certain nutrient can be detrimental.”

Changes I would like to make:  Blumenthal suggests if you are already taking a multivitamin to consider taking probiotics as well. Proper digestion relies on the presence of healthy bacteria. Probiotics aid in digestion and restore the  healthy balance of bacteria in your intestines.

Last Week’s Change:  Develop an Optimistic Outlook

How did you do last week??  Last week I worked on maintaining a Optimistic Outlook.  I tend to be pretty optimistic, partly I believe is due to my faith.  But my optimism sure has been tested lately.  The last few weeks, my wonderful hubby has often needed to remind me everything will work out.  I know it will….but it can be stressful.   I am cleared from my surgery to start normal activities so hopefully exercising again will help.  I think we all struggle at times with looking on the bright side.  Another thing I have been doing, is I made an index card with each weeks change on it and I read it every morning.  This is helping me to still remember to work on change #1 – stay hydrated.  These healthy changes need to build on each other, so don’t forget to review the previous 5 changes.

Last night when I was being less than optimistic and this showed up at the top of my facebook feed.  A good reminder, right when I needed it.  Funny how that happens.


What worked for you?  Were you able to get be more optimistic?

Stop by next Wednesday for the next change and to share your progress.  Now, go buy some multi vitamins!

Previous Changes:

1.   Hydrate with water.
2.   Get 7 – 8 Hours of Sleep
3.   Get Routine Activity Every Day
4.   Keep a Food Journal
5.  Develop an Optimistic Outlook
6.  Multivitamin Daily

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